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  With the hundreds of herbs and herbal remedies on the market, these learning tools will help you understand their purpose.  Please consult an herbalist for additional information.  Most of the following herbal products and herbal combination products are available in health food stores, herbals shops, and vitamin stores. 


ALFALFA Health builder, arthritis, fatigue, appetite, pituitary gland

BARLEY JUICE - Energy, super nutrition, increases S.0. D. to fight aging & rheumatism

BEE POLLEN - Allergies, quick energy, nature's most perfect food, natural no-doze

BILBERRY - Strengthens capillaries, night blindness, antioxidant, improves vision

BLACK COHOSH - Estrogenic effects, hot flashes, nerves, pain

BLACK WALNUT - Cleanses parasites, anti-fungal, skin rashes, eliminates toxins

BLESSED THISTLE - Takes oxygen to brain, digestion, increases mother's milk

BURDOCK - Reduces swelling and deposits in joints, blood cleanser, gout, eczema

BUTCHER'S BROOM - Improves circulation, phlebitis, leg cramps, varicose veins

CAPSICUM- Circulation, strokes, blood pressure equalizer, colds

CASCARA SAGRADA -Constipation, increases peristaltic action, gall bladder

CATNIP- Colic, nerves, colds, flu, digestion (nature's alka seltzer), gas, hiccups

CHAMOMILE - Insomnia, improves appetite, nerves, calming, drug withdrawal

CHARCOAL - Antidote for poison, intestinal gas, hangover; insect bites and stings

CHICKWEED- Appetite depressant, burns fat, fatty tumors

CORNSILK- Kidney, bladder, bedwetting, painful urination, prostate

DAMIANA- Hormone balance, infertility, frigidity and impotence, balance energy

DANDELION- Anemia, liver, blood cleanser, age spots, hepatitis

DONG QUAI- Hot flashes, hormone balance, nerves, brain nourisher

ECHINACEA (50) - Natural antibiotic, lymph system, blood purifier/builder, immune system

EYEBRIGHT- Improve vision, eye strain, cataracts, allergies, styes

FEVERFEW - Migraine headaches, muscular tension, intestinal worms

GARLIC - Normalizes blood pressure, yeast and bacterial infections, colds, cell rebuilder

GARLIC/HIGH POTENCY, Enteric Coated - All the benefits without the odor

GINGER - Digestion, gas, diarrhea, motion and morning sickness, flu

GINSENG - Energy, stress, endurance, depression, impotency/stimulant

GOLDEN SEAL - Infection, natural insulin, cleanses urinary system

GOTU KOLA - Brain food, memory, learning disabilities, vitality, senility, "feel good"

GUGGUL LIPID - Circulatory system, lower cholesterol

HAWTHORN BERRIES - Strengthen heart, hardening of the arteries, adrenals, blood pressure

HOPS - Insomnia, nervousness, decrease desire for alcohol, hyperactivity

HORSETAIL-Helps stop hair from falling out, stops split ends, nails, tumors

HYDRANGEA - Arthritis, gout, kidney and bladder problems, dissolves stones

JUNIPER BERRIES - Restores pancreas and adrenals, diuretic, dropsy, uric acid

KAVA KAVA - Reduce anxiety & depression, reduce pain, relax muscles, sleep aid

KELP - Thyroid, fingernails, goiter; helps take fat off hips, complexion

LICORICE - Adjusts blood sugar; hypoglycemia, quick energy, hoarseness, adrenals

LOBELIA - Asthma, congestion, pneumonia, strong relaxant, pleurisy, cough

MARSHMALLOW - Bladder and kidney problems, bedwetting, inflammation

MULLEIN - Nervous cough, lung and sinus congestion, TB, lymphatic congestion

NOPAL - Normalizes blood sugar; improves immunity strengthens urinary system,poultice

PARSLEY- Bad breath, blood building, high in potassium, kidneys, diuretic

PARTHENIUM - Antibiotic, lymph/blood purifier; similar to echinacea, immune system

PASSION FLOWER - Relaxing, helps nervousness, insomnia, headaches

PAU D'ARCO - Historically used for cancer; leukemia, tumors, yeast infection

PSYLLIUM HULLS - Scrubs colon, best fiber; diverticulitis, colon blockage

RED CLOVER - Cancer; tumors, skin problems, relaxes nerves, spasms

RED RASPBERRY - The pregnancy herb, nausea, diarrhea, gastritis, cramps

ROSE HIPS - Natural vitamin C-complex, colds, infections, blood purifier, flu

SAFFLOWERS - Gout, hydrochloric acid for digestion, reduces cholesterol

SAGE - Stimulates hair growth, improves memory, sore gums and throat, nerves

SARSAPARILLA - Testosterone, body building, impotency, hair growth

SAW PALMETTO - Prostate, breast builder (small or saggy), colds, clears mucus, glands

SLIPPERY ELM - Diarrhea, acid stomach, digestion, diaper rash, hiatal hernia, ulcers

SPIRULINA - High source of protein, energy, weight loss, blood builder

ST. JOHN'S WORT, Concentrate - Anti-depressant, stress, relaxant

UVA URSI - Spleen, bladder and kidney infections, diabetes, gonorrhea, cystitis

VALERIAN - Natural tranquilizer, pain, muscle spasms, nerves, promotes sleep

WHITE OAK BARK - Hemorrhoids and bleeding, varicose veins, pyorrhea, pinworms

WILD YAM - Female glandular tonic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal

YARROW - Obstructed perspiration, nosebleeds, chicken pox, colds/flu/fever

YELLOW DOCK - Anemia, blood purifier, itching, liver, skin problems, hepatitis

YUCCA - Natural cortisone, arthritis, reduces joint inflammation, skin problems


These herb food formulas are composed of two or more heros to aid a certain system. All symptoms(as reported by doctors) should be considered nutritional deficiencies of the mentioned system.

AG-X - Gas, indigestion and bloating formula, DIGESTIVE SYSTEM

ALJ - Lung and sinus congestion, allergies, cough, RESPIRATORY SYSTEM

APSII - Herbal aspirin, pain, muscle relaxant, headaches, pain & tension, NERVOUS SYSTEM

ARTEMISIA- Powerful anti-parasite combination, IMMUNE SYSTEM

BLG-X - Gas, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, spleen, dizziness, DIGESTIVE SYSTEM

BP-X - Blood purifier; poison ivy/oak, acne, psoriasis, skin, CIRCULATORY SYSTEM

BON-C- Bone healer, wound healer, poultice, SKELETAL SYSTEM

BRN-AV - Exceptional support for asthma & bronchitis, RESPIRATORY SYSTEM

C-X - Natural hormone replacement & balancing, menopause, hot flashes, GLANDULAR

CA, HERBAL - Calcium for building nerve sheaths, bones, teeth, cartilage, SKELETAL

CAPSICUM/GARLIC/PARSLEY - High blood pressure, cholesterol, CIRCULATORY

CC-A - Cold, flu, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, IMMUNE SYSTEM

CLT-X - Colitis, irritable colon, digestion, diarrhea, INTESTINAL SYSTEM

CRANBERRY/BUCHU - Kidney/bladder infections, nourishes the URINARY SYSTEM

E-TEA - Historically used for cancer, tumors & fibroids, ESSIAC formula, IMMUNE SYSTEM

EIGHT- Reduces nervous tension, anxiety, stress, restores NERVOUS SYSTEM

ELDERBERRY COMBO - Respiratory, colds, moves excess mucus, IMMUNE SYSTEM

ELECAMPANE COMBINATION - Expels parasites, kills bacteria and fungus

ENERG-V - A synergistic combination of all the herbs for ENERGY

ENVIRO-DETOX - Detoxifies system of drugs, air; food, chemicals, IMMUNE

EYEBRIGHT PLUS LUTEIN - Strengthens the eyes, prevents macular degeneration

EW - Eye infection, improves vision, cataracts (make eye wash), glaucoma, EYES

FC W/DONG QUAI - Menstrual problems, cramps, uterus, GLANDULAR SYSTEM

FENUGREEK & THYME - Sinus headaches, dissolves mucus, RESPIRATORY

FOUR - Asthma, bronchial, food allergies, laryngitis, RESPIRATORY SYSTEM

FV - Flu, headaches, vomiting, nausea. motion sickness, IMMUNE SYSTEM

GGC - Energy and endurance, relieves depression, improves memory, BUILDER

GINKGO/GOTU KOLA - Attention span, memory, brain food, mental energy

GINKGO/HAWTHORN -Brain, heart, ringing in ears, vertigo, CIRCULATORY

HERBAL H-P FIGHTER - Inhibits ulcer causing H.pylori bacteria growth, INTESTINAL

HERBAL PUMPKIN - Parasites, tumors, (prostate w/PX) INTESTINAL

HSII - Strengthens and feeds the heart, cleanses blood vessels, CIRCULATORY

HVP - Promotes natural sleep, relaxant, stress, muscle tension, NERVOUS SYSTEM

HY-A - Hypoglycemia, adrenal, rebuilder, energy, mood & blood sugar swings, GLANDULAR

IGSII - Fights infections esp. in respiratory & lymphatic, fever, swollen glands. (HIGS or IN-X)

I-X - Aids iron absorption, anemia, fatigue, BUILDER

JNT-A - Arthritis, joint stiffness, bursitis, gout, SKELETAL SYSTEM

JP-X - Kidney and bladder infection, strengthen & cleanses kidney / bladder, URINARY

K - Bladder and kidney problems, bedwetting, strengthens entire URINARY SYSTEM

KUDZU/ST JOHN'S WORT - Stop cravings for alcohol, relaxant, NERVOUS SYSTEM

LBSII - Stool softener, constipation, bad breath, cleanses INTESTINAL SYSTEM

LH - Corrects problems in lungs and bronchials (add ALU), RESPIRATORY SYSTEM

LIV-A - Blood detox, cleanses & strengthens gallbladder, spleen, LIVER

LOBELIA/ST. JOHN'S WORT - Stop craving for tobacco, anti-depressant

MARSHMALLOW FENUGREEK - Expels lung mucus, emphysema, RESPIRATORY

MARSHMALLOW & PEPSIN - Cleans intestines for better food absorption, INTESTINAL

MEN'S FORMULA - Prostate inflammation and swelling, improves urinary function

MORINDA - Strengthens six systems at cellular level, skin health, painful joints, hernias

NBS-AV - Normalize blood sugar (esp. for diabetes, hypoglycemia & weight loss)

P-14 - Blood sugar problems, diabetes, rebuilds & strengthens PANCREAS (or PBS)

PAPAYA MINT - Indigestion, gas, heartburn, enzymes for DIGESTIVE SYSTEM

PLS II - Hiatal hernia, internal & external wounds, ulcers, ALL SYSTEMS

PS II - Prostate problems (Alt. with P-X), URINARY SYSTEM

RE-X - Anxiety, hyperactivity, insomnia, nervous breakdown, stress, NERVOUS SYSTEM

SC (SHARK CARTILAGE) - Cancer, arthritic joints, psoriasis, cleanser; IMMUNE SYSTEM

SENNA COMBINATION - Chronic constipation, stubborn bowels, INTESTINAL SYSTEM

SKN-AV - Blood purifier for acne, eczema, psoriasis, cleansing & healing SKIN

SN-X - Sinus problems, natural antihistamine, allergies, upper RESPIRATORY SYSTEMS

SPECIAL FORMULA #1- General cleanser, cleanses toxins from ALL SYSTEMS

STR-J - Stress, spastic colon, nervous stomach, ulcer prevention NERVOUS SYSTEM

SUMA - For Everything, physical stress, stamina, cancer, immune, repair ALL SYSTEMS

SUPER ALGAE - Energy, (Spirulina, Klamath Lake blue-green, red marine &chlorella)

THIM-J - Strengthens thymus (reverses tumors, Epstein Barr, exhaustion) IMMUNE SYSTEM

THREE - Mineral combination, anemia, pregnancy, keeps ticks and mosquitoes off

TSII with HOPS - Regulate and feed thyroid, (hyper active/hypo active) GLANDULAR

U - Ulcer healer, (slippery elm to soothe), canker sores, INTESTINAL SYSTEM

UC3J - Colitis, ulcers, Crohn's disease, abdominal pain, inflamed INTESTINAL SYSTEM

UNA DE GATO (CAT'S CLAW) - Immune, tumors, cancer, arthritis, acne IMMUME SYSTEM

WILD YAM/CHASTE - Hot flashes, targets & balances female GLANDULAR

X-A - Sex rejuvenator and stimulant, hormone balance (male & female), GLANDULAR


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